British Auction

Supplier Ranking, advanced competition environment

How it works?

British auctions are the advanced variants of the reversed auctions. Suppliers see their item-based rankings instead of the lowest price information.

British Auction

Basic Auction Rules

Auction rules are the characteristics that determine the purchasing strategy and the competitive environment. Examine the rules of the British Auction and decide whether it fits your strategy.

Lowest Bid

Suppliers cannot see the information of other bids. Only their own bids are visible to them.


Suppliers see their rankings live on an item basis. In this way, they can give a revised bid by knowing in which item they are behind.

Automatic Time Extension

Automatic Time Extension occurs if the bid ranking changes below a time limit set by the buyer. This way, sustainability in the competition environment is achieved.

Addable Auction Rules

By adding different rules to your auction, you can customize your purchase, collect different information from suppliers and increase your savings.

Auto Starting

The Auction starts automatically when the start date arrives.

List Price

You can present the items with a list price to your suppliers. Bids over the list price get marked red as a warning on the supplier's screen. However, such bids cannot be blocked.

Item-Based Delivery Date

Allows suppliers to specify a delivery date on an item basis at the time of bidding. In this way, you can also consider the delivery dates, not just prices, when comparing your suppliers.

Bid Increase Limitation

You can prevent suppliers from increasing their current bids.