Frequently Asked Questions



Is it possible for the suppliers to see each other during the auction?

No. We do not allow the suppliers to see each other for your interest.

How do I calculate my cost savings for conducting an auction?

You may calculate your savings by comparing the lowest bid you received before the auction and the lowest bid you received after the auction.

Can I add documents to my auction?

Yes. You can add Office documents, AutoCAD and PDF files, images and many more to your auction.


Is it possible for you to integrate with our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system?

Yes. Our services work fully integrated with ERP systems. We can also integrate into your accounting, CRM and other systems.

Can I add the RFQ information manually?

There are two options for the RFQ’s converted from internal purchase requests; “Supplier Provides Info” and “Provide Info Manually”. Purchaser can enter the RFQ information if the second option is preferred. Additionally, by clicking on the “Add RFQ” button you can provide the information yourself on behalf of the supplier.

Can I manage accessibility permissions of the purchasers?

If you sign in as an “Admin” user to the company account, you can adjust the permissions of “Purchaser” users. However, the purchasers cannot make changes in the following sections; account operations, adding companies, deleting existing addresses, department operations, approval process templates.

We have more than one company, do we have to create a new account for each company?

No, we made it easier for you. Without creating a new account for each company, you may add extra companies (per 250,00 TL) under your main account.